Notes from Windward: #62

Construction Phase Two - Facing the Gate Wall

     The walls are being faced with 2x12" planks. That's more expensive than if skinnier planks were used, but it has the right look about it, and no doubt will stand up to the stress of combat better than one would expect if more narrow wood were used.

     But before the planks could be put in place, we had to finish installing the horizontal 2x6's they're attached to.

The Gate section with the horizontal 2x6 supports in place

     The first two planks to be installed were the two tall ones to each side of the doorway. These had to be precisely placed because they attach to the "door jam" for the castle gate. That entire area has to be constucted to take the force of having the gate repeatedly bashed open without actually being damaged, so it not only has to look tough, it has to actually be tough.

A view of the "door jam"

     The top end of each plank was relieved and rounded over in order to add a bit of eye appeal as well as to insure that folks didn't get any splinters from the ends of the boards. I figure that spears and arrows are their problem; splinters are my problem :-)

     Once the planks were screwed into place, the gate opening was laid out and cut. After a lot of work, it's starting to look like a fortress.

The center wall section is done and awaits the gate

Construction Phase Two - Mortise and Tenon work --- Notes from Windward, Vol. 62