Notes from Windward: #62

The Location

A view through the gate looking west towards the woods

     The castle is being built in the center of the western edge of a section of pasture that's one eighth of a mile north/south, and a quarter of a mile east/west

     The area behind the castle is open oak forest, and when completed, the castle will be able to sustain simultaneous attacks from the open field to the east, or the forest to the west.

A view through the gate looking east across the pasture

      The poles shown in the picture will form the main vertical uprights located at the end of each sixteen foot long section of the castle. To give an idea of the scale involved, the small poles on each side of the standing figure are twenty foot long 6x6 beams. The king poles located to either side of those were cut from the butt ends of forty foot long telephone poles.

A close up showing the butt diameter of the king post

The Permit for the Castle --- Notes from Windward, Vol. 62