Notes from Windward: #61


Snow Falling on Windward

Overnight Windward was transformed into a perfect winter wonderland. Waking to a world blanketed in soft powdery snow, I could only stand in my doorway in awe at the majestic view. Nothing could truly express the wonder, the beauty; the joy afforded my weary soul and heart. My spirits soared as I watched Godís miracle fall gently from the sky.

Dressing quickly I dashed into my boots and joined my dogs in the snow. It was Glorious! Brownie and Rocky, my two short hair dogs were not amused by this strange wet stuff. They wanted in where it was warm and dry. Tails, my fuzzy dog wanted to run and romp. Behind Alpha is a wonderful hill and covered in a blanket of white, it just screamed for snow angels. Tails ran and rolled while I obliged the hillside.

After that I grabbed some animal bread and headed down for a visit with the sheep. On the way Tucker and Savannah joined me. They were happy for a human to share their fun. Lakota ran over to join in and much to my delight I learned that he loved to catch snowballs. Lakota would use his nose to launch snow at you until you finally broke down and threw him a few.

Getting to the sheep I saw several of them with mounds of snow on their heads and bodies. It was hysterical. Can you imagine standing so still in a snowfall that six inches of snow accumulates on your head? It was a mind-boggling experience. Logically you understand that the sheep donít feel the cold in the same manner as humans, still, six inches of snow on your head?

The younger sheep didnít have the same patience I guess as their elders. The four young girls that we have from this yearís lambing season were only lightly dusted with snow. They appreciated the bread though, sharing it with the oldest ewes Marge, Harley, and Hershey. After some petting and a promise to return later, I went back up the hill.

At lunch I imagine my enthusiasm was a little more than most appreciated. I believe they all thought my eagerness for snow would evaporate under the hard work involved in what snow meant in terms of animals and their care. They soon discovered that to me anything in the snow could be turned into fun and laughter. Slipping while cleaning off a shelter roof was turned into another snow angel. Falling into a hole while walking brought an explosion of giggles. Was it hard work clearing the shelters and spreading straw where it was needed? Of course it was, but any time hard work is shared among community, it lifts your heart and your spirits making the load lighter that it might have been. Add the miracle of snowflakes and itís a prescription for hilarity.

Sadly the snow has begun to melt and the days following our snowstorm have turned into a much-needed rainfall. Personally Iím not a rain person, so Iím looking forward to our winter here and much more snow. I have plans for a whole family of snow-people, and I want to experiment with snow shelters. And then of course there are a few hills around here that are perfect for sledding. Canít wait.