Notes from Windward: #61


Tamara and Running Start

I have been given a great opportunity, which I might not have had if I had not been home schooled for a period of time. I am gaining college credit through the local community college and a wonderful program called Running Start, which is provided by the state.

One of my favorite things about this program is the wide range of opportunities that are available to me. Not only do I get to deal with the agony of Finals Week, which just ended, I am also able to participate in all the normal high school functions, such as Prom, which is this weekend.

The responsibilities that I have to the college and the high school sometimes weigh heavily on my shoulders, but I have the support and love of my family to help me get through it all. I have recommended the running start program to many of my peers, as they are all very bright and dedicated individuals, but they are too busy living the ’teenage life’ to see the opportunity that is in front of them.

At seventeen, I am a junior in high school, and a freshman in college. I will graduate next year with an associate’s degree in general studies, which I will then transfer to a four-year college. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given, and the wonderful teachers I have had throughout my years in school.

editor's note: I usually do a bit of polish on the articles that folks send in for inclusion in the Notes, but if you'll pardon a bit of pride, I just wanted to note that the above piece is presented exactly as recieved.