Notes from Windward: #61

Seven and a Half Conversations

February 28, 2001

Here at Windward lunch is our gathering time. We come together to eat, to update each other on various projects, our own as well as Windward’s, and to have a good time. We try never to be too serious about any topic, but conversations have been known to get lively! Many times Walt will try out an idea on us at the lunch table, only to have it wind up later in the Notes: the adonic peacocks and the hedonic ducks being a case in point. It is for many of us the high point of the day and sometimes the only interaction we have with each other, especially in winter, when being outside is reduced to "have-to" trips to anywhere.

There are several of us on the kitchen roster, and we take turns cooking. Fern is usually there as "sous-chef" to chop, peel and in general help things run smoothly. She’s a great help and for me, always wonderful company who makes the time in the kitchen fly by with stories and laughter.

I’m hoping to make "7˝ Conversations" a regular article in our Notes, to give those of you considering coming here more of an idea what the flavor of life here is like. As a relative newcomer myself, I remember clearly poring over all the old Notes before I got here because I wanted to know as much as possible about what to expect during my visit. Hopefully, this column will help.

Today, for example, we had a current events day. Fern has just returned from a week’s jaunt to Nevada, so she gave us an account of the "Gourmet Room" where she ate an elegant dinner, and enjoyed the company of Bob1, who spends his winters in warm Nevada. We also discussed the extent of the damage done in Seattle by the 7.0 earthquake which occurred today. We were lucky to feel nothing here!

By the way, lest you wonder, we eat very well here at Windward; today was a casual day, with sandwiches, fresh deviled eggs, chips and fruit. Tomorrow we are having baked ham, baked potatoes and a fresh vegie. Wish you could join us!

- Holly