Notes from Windward: #61

A Journey to Laughlin

Fern takes a holiday

To me winter is a time of hibernation. I tend to turn on the heater, get into a good book or listen to an audio tape and pick up my knitting. About February one gets tired of the gloomy gray skies and yearns for the sun at least once a week.

This year a welcome invitation from one of our group, who works in Laughlin, NV, interrupted the usual cabin fever. I accepted with pleasure. I have some very dear friends in Las Vegas, so contacted them with the good news. They were as happy as I and insisted I stay with them for a few days at that time.

By plane and bus I journeyed to Laughlin and was met at the Riverside hotel by Bob-1 (Windward has two Bobs). He escorted me to my lovely room (with a balcony, no less). He had arranged for dinner at eight and asked if I needed something to eat before that time, so we went to his favorite ice cream spot.

Bob is involved with the security of the hotel in some way being in the control of the 'eye in the sky' watching for people cheating at the gaming tables. He showed me around (back stage, as it were) and made the machines do their tricks. It was all very interesting and I enjoyed his instructions.

Next day we took the river cruise and since Bob knew the captain well, I was invited to steer the boat. I thought I did a creditable job since I didn't hit a rock or run into the bridge. They even gave me a certificate stating that I had captained the boat with great efficiancy.

Dinner that night was fabulous! The dining room was walled on one side with windows so that we could see the river and the stars shining in the water. I had quail with special sauce and scallops with a wine and cheese sauce that was heavenly. I also met Bob's supervisor, Woody, who was very nice and welcomed me to the hotel.

The next day (my last) we spent wandering around the town of Bullhead City to find a part that Bob needed for his truck. We also continued taking pictures (started on the river trip) of various 'beauty spots' in the area. He has a digital camera. We went then to his trailer and he made me a CD of the pictures to take home with me so that I could connect them to my computer and enjoy them at my leisure in the future.

That evening after a delightful Italian meal at another hotel (with Woody) we went to the Western Bar where there is a gigantic felt cowboy hat suspended over the bar. I was of the opinion that I didn't want to meet the person who wore that hat. We also met the owner of the hotel, Mr. Don Laughlin and had a long conversation with him. He and Bob are good friends, and Bob has worked for him for a number of years.

Next day (my last) we worked on the pictures and at noon I took bus to Las Vegas to visit my other friends. I was a wonderful visit and I took part in a celebration of an old friend's grandson's birthday.

All in all, it was a great break from the routine and the winter - Thanks, Bob!

<editor's note> Bob1 snowbirds, spending the winters in southern Nevada, and returning to Windward in the spring.