Notes from Windward: #60

Kettle Korn and Huckleberry Pie

by Holly

Kettle Korn popped and ready to eat
In an effort to raise additional monies for the dining hall construction, Walt decided to try selling kettle korn at a local festival in Bingen. Walt borrowed the lovely copper kettle that Bob2 had acquired to make goat-milk fudge in, and we were eager to try it out "in public".

As the date for the Huckleberry Festival date grew closer, Walt finessed his recipe with several trial runs, including a batch for the final episode of the Survivor TV show several of us gathered to watch at Joyce's.

By the weekend of the Festival in September, we were ready to go. Walt set up camp Friday night, going solo for that first evening, I went to join him on Saturday and Shawn and Q were there on Sunday.

Business was brisk after the parade on Saturday morning, and by early afternoon, had to call Bob1 back at Windward to bring more supplies! And by the time he arrived, Walt had pretty much perfected the recipe, turning out really great kettle korn every batch.

Since it was the first festival for selling the korn, we had no idea what to expect in returns. Part of the experience was to see if it was feasible for a member of Windward to support themselves by selling kettle korn at various festivals throughout the area. And, even with the costs of start-up inventory and permits, we did come away showing a profit! Plus there are supplies for the next festival as well.

So the weekend was a success from several viewpoints. Plus, we got to eat some great huckleberry pie!!

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