Notes from Windward: #59

Heather and Dolly
check out Dolly's new lamb
It has been a difficult couple of months for me -- not because of the weather or Windward issues -- but because of a major injury to my back. In early June, I began experiencing numbness in one leg, and within a week, I ruptured a disk in my back. After going to the emergency room and a specialist in Portland, the decision was made that I needed lumbar disk surgery. I could no longer move about or care for myself and was completely bedridden.

Although I knew people here would help out as best they could, I was more than pleased at how everyone jumped in to pick up my daily responsibilities and make things easier for me. Joyce came over every morning to fix my coffee, breakfast and to get me comfortable for the day. Cindy took over responsibility for the kitchen, Gina fed the sheep, and she and Fern put in extra kitchen duty. Our temperatures have been in the 90's (which means 100 degrees in my trailer), and the heat made me quite uncomfortable. Walt installed a window air conditioner for me, and he and Bob also helped out with my regular routine with the sheep.

The surgery went well and it is now the end of July. I am still pretty much bedridden, but I do get up and move around a bit. I was told it would take at least six weeks to heal and I have three weeks left. I must say I'm getting bored and am sorry I missed my favorite (and our most beautiful) time of the year, and all of the gardening projects I had planned. I'm trying to be optimistic, though, and hopefully will be able to do a little fall gardening.

Having all of this time on my hands has really gotten me to realize how lucky I am to have the friends and support from the people at Windward. In the past, I've been homeless and endured both physical and emotional problems. While at Windward, I've dealt with these problems in a positive way and overcome most of them. I am now able to see the wonderful things Windward has done for me. The security I now feel in my personal surroundings, and in myself, is invaluable.

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