The Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival

September 26-27 1998

A vary nicely done festival was put on in northern Oregon over the weekend. Free admission and free food were just some of the unexpected novelties of this small fair. As a long time fair goer this was the first fair I have ever attended that didn't get into my wallet just to enter the grounds, and a free diner, well... what can I say!

Sheep, Goats, Lamas, Alpacas, and the softest angora rabbits I have ever felt were some the critters on display. Lots of spinning wheels and other fiber equipment and displays in the main building.

Walt & Joyce from Windward were there, Joyce to show spinning and some fine fabrics, Patrick to make rope. I had a nice visit with them and learned more about Windward .

The following are a few pictures from the event:

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Making Rope

Making Rope
Six strands of fiber twine are spun to produce rope. Walt conscripts members from the audience to help in this three-person endeavor. The person on the right turns the crank, the conscriptee on the left is the anchor, with a belt around their waist they hold tension as Walt guides the strands into place.

Crank it
Turn that crank! Two or three small children sometimes turn the crank for Walt.

Walt is getting those strands just right.

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