Notes from Windward:

Welcome to the 58th issue of Notes From Windward. We hope that you'll enjoy this glimpse of what we're up to these days.

Life at Windward is closely tied to the seasons, and while it is possible to go against the seasonal grain, to dig in August when the ground is dry and hard, or move heavy loads in the spring when the ground is wet and muddy isn't the smart way to go.

So while we keep working on improving and developing Windward year round, the really focused effort happens between July and October. One result is that a lot of this issue is about construction projects currently underway. Windward is a very hands-on sort of place, and we hope that comes through in our Notes.

If lots of details about how we're building Windward is of interest to you, then you'll enjoy this issue. If you're more interested in the other aspects of what we're doing, then I would invite you to also browse through the two previous issues to get a more comprehensive idea of what we're all about.

Life on the land varies with the season, and when nature calls the tune, you dance as best you can. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our life here at Windward, and would enjoy hearing from you.

- Walt

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