Notes from Windward:

Year 10Issue Number 58Summer/Fall 1997

The Windward Foundation is incorporated in the State of Washington as a nonprofit corporation. Windward is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

The Windward SIG is a special interest group of American Mensa Ltd. comprised of members and friends of Windward.

Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not of Mensa, which holds no opinions.

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Welcome to Issue #58

Notes To Windward

feedback and commentary

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A Gentle Autumn Morning
some thoughts from Joyce

Working the woodlot
Creating lumber out of firewood

Finney gets a foundation
Completing the fourteenth pier

Judge's Choice
Lambie Pie takes Judge's Choice
at the county fair

Work on the dining hall
Jerry tackles a serious challenge

Work on the dining hall
Part II

a CAD drawing of the concrete work

a CAD drawing of the general layout
including details of what goes where, and why

Heather's in the garden
going after baby reds
Amy's in the woods
checking out the rocks
Rollers and come-alongs
Moving containers the old way
Part II
tucking them into position
Deedee finds a sponsor
. . . It's official!

Unintended Effects on Capital Resources
caused by acquiring lots of used stuff
. . . Part II
the stuff keeps on coming

Upcoming Events:

The Old School

Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day Weekends '98

Essays and Editorials:

the fine print
thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

Organizational comparisons

thoughts on how best to do something new

Intentional relationships: a manifesto

by Craig Green of Twin Oaks

Living History:

Steingrim's Siege VII


Cheese of Antiquity


Pictures of A Royal Court at Stonehenge


The Anno Societatus XXXIII trade token


Administrative Matters

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation


Other stuff:

Of Rhyme and Reason
Music, poetry, quotes and other things of interest


Glimpses of
Klickitat county
to Windward

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