Notes from Windward: #56

Scher's Impressions

The walls of the kitchen are brightly decorated with a series of pictures that Scher, Ann's 7 year old daughter, has created depicting life here at Windward. For a second-grader, I think the pictures are very good, and worth including in the Notes. Most kids get to put their art on the kitchen refrigerator; we think Scher deserves an entire wall.

A bit of explanation. Gandalf is one of our two bucks. He was staying in the barn primarily because we wanted to focus the birthing so that the majority of does give birth in late February and early March. Last winter we lost kids because they were born right before or during the great storm of '96. The only way we can control when the kids are born is by controlling when the does are bred. Since there are thirty does and only two bucks, Bubba and Gandalf spent much of the fall locked up in the barn. We don't like to keep animals confined, but sometimes it is necessary.

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