Notes from Windward:

Year 9Issue Number 56Fall 1996

In this issue:

The Windward Foundation is incorporated in the State of Washington as a nonprofit corporation. Windward is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

The Windward SIG is a special interest group of American Mensa Ltd. comprised of members and friends of Windward.

Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not of Mensa, which holds no opinions.

Reader's questions and comments are invited. Permission to publish is assumed unless expressly withheld.

Copyright 1996 by The Windward Foundation Press. Other publications may reprint any portion provided credit is given, and a copy of the reprint is sent to the Editor.

55 Windward Lane,
Klickitat, WA 98628-9710
(509) 369-2000

The Hard Freeze Moon
Summer's last call and Winter's first kiss

Sharing out the bread
Bird bread isn't just for birds

Sorting the fleece
Joyce readies the wool crop for winter storage

Sylvan capriole
Goats dancing in the pines

Constructing raised herb beds
Preparing for next year's herb crop

Haulin' home the hay
The race against winter picks up speed

Moon of Parting
Windward says farewell to two old friends

An early morning impression
Some thoughts from Ann

White Moon
Serious winter arrives

Scher's Impressions
Artwork from the kitchen

Where's Windward?
Directions to Windward.

Of Rhyme and Reason
Music, poetry, quotes and other things of interest

Living History:

Pictures of Steingrim's Siege

The Estrella XIII trade token

A History of Minting in the SCA
His Royal Majesty
Skepti Ravensfury



Administrative Matters

Updating the Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Windward Foundation

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