Notes from Windward: #55

Handspinning wool

I find spinning very relaxing. I think it has something to do with how each hand has different tasks requiring different movements. In any case, spinning seems to clear my mind of clutter--almost like meditating.

The Louet S15 is a basic wheel designed for spinning medium to bulky yarn. I've been spinning between 23-26 yards per ounce with our medium-grade fleeces, but our fine-grade fleeces are more suited to finer yarn. I've recently added a high-speed flyer and bobbins to the wheel in order to take advantage of our champion, fine-grade fleeces.

I plyed (spinning two single strands together) some yarn into skeins and entered them at the Fair. There are some very experienced spinners in the area, and several fiber art groups. I met several spinners in my Master Knitters course from WSU, and they were kind enough to teach me the basic skills. I didn't expect to take home any ribbons, and was quite surprised to receive both a first and second place award.

I'm interested in selling my handspun yarn, and will spend the winter spinning and researching the marketplace. This is the kind of craft work that is so well suited to living in the country, and especially at Windward. I didn't have to invest in sheep--they were already here just waiting for someone to take an interest. We're looking into breeding programs and possibly adding some Rambouillet to our already excellent blood lines.

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