Dedicated to the hands-on study, practice and demonstration
of practical, human-scale sustainable technology
at the small community level

Internship Information


     Windward is excited to announce that it will be making three month internships available on an ongoing basis throughout 2007.

     Interns will have an opportunity to participate in the operation and further development of the sustainable systems described throughout our website. This will gain them a broader theoretical understanding of the interconnection of sustainable technologies and practices, as well directly involve them in a wide range of practical, hands-on sustainability skills.

     For more information on the systems Windward is currently focused on developing, click here.

     Interns will also have an opportunity to participate in a program of study that looks at the history of sustainable community both in practice and in fiction in order to better understand the challenges and pitfalls inherent in establishing a comprehensive sustainability program.

     The ideal intern candidate would be in their mid-20s with a liberal arts degree and looking for an opportunity to learn practical skills. Internships are offered to U.S./Canadian residents over the age of 21, but we have waived the age requirement when an applicant's history showed that an exception was warranted.

     This is an "entry level" internship in that participants who successfully complete an internship and find the cooperative lifestyle conducive to the pursuit of their personal goals and values can apply for admission to our Apprenticeship Program and begin working towards a full-time Stewardship position. For a description of some of the benefits of full membership in Windward, click here.

     Most importantly, we're looking for the sort of person who doesn't want to climb the corporate ladder, but would rather explore the potentials offered by making cooperative community and environmentally sound practices the central focus of their personal quest to create a good life--who are more interested in a career-path that makes sense than one which just makes money.

     If you think that you might be such a person, we invite you to contact us with a brief sketch of your background, something about why Windward draws your interest and which of our projects you'd be interested in focusing on.

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