Sat. October 13th - Sun. October 14th 2012

A Weekend of Camping, Celebration and Transformation

Autumn is a time for bringing in the harvest and bearing witness to the glory of a year well lived.

Saturday Evening Potluck: 6pm

Bring a food dish to share.

Salads, breads, hot dishes, cold dishes, desserts or cider! Bring whatever fills you on an autum evening.

If you want to serve your dish warm, we can probably heat it up before hand. But please check with us first.

Alcohol is welcome if you are over 21.

Music and More!

After we are filled to our heart's content with delicious food, we can circle around to exchange music, conversation and stories from the past season. If you play an instrument, bring it!

We celebrate together the ripening bounty in all our lives-- what we are grateful for, the harvests ripe for the picking, the new growth that is ready fall down or wither back, and the fruits of the passions of our lives.

If you are so inclined, wear a costume!


You are all welcome to spend the night in the campground. We have a newly constructed Adirondack (a primitive camping shelter that sleeps 8) available.

Be sure to bring warm layers as the temperatures will be cool in the evening and morning. Remember, we are up at 2000 feet!

Camping costs $5/night per person.

all proceeds go to hosting the event and improving the Windward camp ground for future events.

Sunday Morning Animal Harvest: 11am

The cool weather of October ushers us into animal harvest season.

We will be doing a large animal (goat or sheep) harvest Sunday morning. You are welcome, but in no way expected, to respectfully observe this tranformative process.

Our animals play an integral role in helping us create sustainability at the small village scale. We deeply respect and are grateful for all that they do. They are our friends and co-conspirators. When the time comes, we bring death to each one in the best way we know how. It is a powerful process, not an easy one. It is a process that humbles and a process that reminds us viscerally of our own mortality. Living closely with the animals that nourish us helps to make us fully human.

There may be limited opportunity for participating in the skinning and eviscerating of the animal. You may stay for as much or as little of the process as is appropriate for you.

However long you choose to observe, please recognize an animal harvest can be very emotionally challenging event. We expect all observers to be respectful of the animal, the individuals performing the harvest, and all other observers. We will ask you to leave if we deem it necessary.


Contact us at Windward(at)gorge(dot)net and let us know you're coming!