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The Windward Center

     The Windward Center was created to provide support for individuals commited to the process of making a substantial life transition. Some people enter into transition seeking a better life, others are compelled by economic dislocation, illness or injury, and some are impelled by the consequences of choices they've made in the past. Change is stressful, and the Center's goal is to provide a tranquil and supportive context within which individuals in transtion can marshall the inner strength needed to make positive, life-affirming choices.

     The Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in Washington state as a non-profit; donations to the Center are tax-deductable and go to provide crisis services.

     The Center is managed by a Board of Directors comprised in part by members of the Foundation and in part by interested members of the community. The Center has been recognized by Washington state as a Transitional Center and by the USDA as a homeless meals provider.

     The Center has three basic rules for participants:
     1) no illicit drugs,
     2) no abusive conduct, and
     3) program compliance.

     The third rule refers to those seeking transitional support as part of a recovery program. For example, we would expect someone coming out of an alcohol rehab program to maintain their sobriety. Another example would be that a person under the care of a mental health professional would be expected to continue their schedule of care.

     Cost is based on a sliding fee up to a maximum of $400 per month per person; some scholarship funding is available to provide services when funding isn't otherwise available. The basic cost covers a private place to live, food and basic utilities. The Center's prime criteria for accepting a request for participation involves whether our board believes, given the overall circumstance, that an applicant will in fact benefit from participation in our program. If so, then generally speaking, rest of the details can be worked out.

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The Windward Center
55 Windward Drive
Klickitat Washington 98628
(509) 369-2000