Notes from Windward Archive

Life Begets Life

Jarvis discusses building soil life

Co-creating a Consent Culture

Economics, Governence & Sexuality

We Still Believe

A Politics of Love, Earth & Community

I'm Still Here!

Opalyn returns to the Notes

A Fall Back to Fundamentals

Jarvis Introduces himself

Introducing the Digital Studio

& Learning to Work with Blued Pine

Taking Death by the Hand

Lindsay shares her reflections on Death & Natural Burial

Ravens Stealing Eggs

and our attempts to stop them

Some of the Benefits of Membership at Windward

Things to look forward to after an Apprenticeship or Fellowship

Continuing the Journey Towards the Examined Life

An article Yosef wrote for his college's student newspaper

Troubleshooting the First Stator

Yosef tries to discover what went wrong

A Letter From My Future

Emily shares what she wants to remembers from her Fellowship at Windward

Live your passion and relieve your student loans!

How living and working at Windward can provide for Public Service Loan Forgiveness