Notes from Windward Archive

Troubleshooting the First Stator

Yosef tries to discover what went wrong

A Letter From My Future

Emily shares what she wants to remembers from her Fellowship at Windward

Live your passion and relieve your student loans!

How living and working at Windward can provide for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Felling a Big Pine Tree

Taking down a big tree before it takes down the greenhouse

Calculating Lard Yield from American Guinea Hogs

Continuing the conversation about the "Million Calorie Diet"

The Rabbit Colony Experiment - a Detailed Report

Yosef shares highlights from this year's rabbit colony experiment

Arriving at Now

Apprentice Emily introduces herself.

Building an Earth Sheltered Greenhouse

Andrew shares about a big-picture project that is stepping up our year round food production

A Summary of Rabbit Colony Experiment

Yosef shares a summary of findings from this year

Building an RPM Sensor

Yosef shares about a nifty instrument crafted for the axial flux alternator project

Continuing the Axial-Flux Alternator Project

Yosef shares about casting the alternator's stator, and more!

A Working Definition of "Capital"

and why it to matters to creating a post-consumer village

Developing Windward's Large Scale Irrigation Infrastructure

Apprentice Andrew Bishop shares about one of his big picture apprentice projects

The Splendor and Beauty of Klickitat County

Lindsay shares images from a Summer Adventure

Breeding & Hatching Heritage Chickens

Apprentice Andrew Bishop shares the secrets of his successful run of incubating chickens

Learning to Recognize Sustainable Systems

A Whole Systems Fellow, Yosef, shares about the not-so-obvious realities of sustainability

Building a Bee Sanctuary

Andrew shares about our new Bee Hut and Pollinator Garden

Live Stake Propagation

Pioneering Windward's broad-acre silvo-pasture systems

Winterizing Your Leather Boots

Dry feet all winter long!

Tanning Bunny Hides

Kari writes about her success with salt and alum.

Bunny Gratitudes


Felted Projects

A look various practical and artistic felt projects.

Felting Windward Wool

Claire gives a detailed description of the felting process she uses.

Harvesting Feathers

Claire writes about harvesting Windward bird feathers.

Technology in Service of Community

Lindsay and Walt share their perspective.

Main silvopasture swale gets it's first big test.

Coppice Agroforesty at Windward

an overview of our evolving practices

Announcing: Windward Whole System Fellowship

Learn about a new opportunity to immerse yourself in sustainable community!

Rabbits - Livestock Update

Opalyn shares about our current rabbits.

Water Harvesting Road Hardware

checking erosion and putting water to work in the landscape.