Notes from Windward Archive

Wall-E needs a few more repairs.

Keeping Wall-E on track. :)

The Village Helix

Lindsay shares pictures from Windward's recent Open House

Partnering with Our Plant Allies

Andrew describes species selection for remeditation and agroforestry.

Finding Long-Term Climate Data in the US Using NOAA

Article Andrew recently wrote for PermacultureNews.org

As events unfold my attention turns to seating.

Opalyn shares her experience building a paracord-laced oak chair.


Pat shares the new additions to the chicken flock

Rocks In the Garden!

Pat introduces our new plant labelling system

Developing Windward's SilvoPasture

Andrew describes this springs progress on this long-term project

  • -Overview of Silvopasture and Swales
  • -Trees & Shrubs in the Swale Food Forest
  • -Constructing an Inlet Swale
  • -Riparian Buffer
  • -Finding Contours with Water Level
  • -Planting out the Pioneer Locusts
  • -Excavating the Main Swale
  • -Planting and Mulching the Swale

  • Our German Angora baby bunnies are one month old.

    Opalyn shares photos of our growing babies.

    Life and Death With the Chickens

    New member Pat shares about her work with Windward's chicken flock

    May Garden Update

    Lindsay shares some updates from the garden

    Rabbit Colony Experiment

    Claire introduces and updates on The Rabbit Colony Experiment

    Spring Zone-1 Garden Update

    Andrew describes the further development of Windward's zone-1

    Our baby bunnies are growing

    Opalyn shares photos of our growing babies.

    I'm here to once again fall in love with learning

    Evergeen intern Chelsea gives an introduction

    Wall-E's Transmission Rebuild is Complete!

    Opalyn and Pat wrap up the repairs.

    Our Rabbits!

    Opalyn introduces our adult rabbits.

    Creating Productive Food Forest Ecosystems

    Lindsay shares images from the recent permaculture weekend intensive

    Our Numbers are Growing - Again

    Opalyn introduces baby bunnies.

    Building A Hugel Bed in the Courtyard

    Why Trees?

    This video Lays it out

    Weaving on a Peg Loom

    Opalyn shares her experience of weaving on a peg loom.

    'Tis the Season to Dig and Plant

    Lindsay talks about starting a new hugel bed for apple trees.

    UPCOMING EVENT: Creating Productive Food Forest Ecosysems

    Andrew shares more permaculture materials in advance of the event.

    Seeding into Frost Heaves

    Andrew shares his use of this cold-climate no-till technique.

    Starting Seeds

    Lindsay shares about the start of the spring garden.

    Wall-E Needs a Transmission Overhaul!

    Opalyn shares progress on Wall-E's transmission rebuild.

    Making Sense of it All

    Lindsay reflects on the passing of a loved one

    Fiber Conversion

    Opalyn talks about a fiber display at the local library.

    Windward Winter 2014

    Claire's photo essay.

    Our Numbers are Growing

    Opalyn introduces two little lambs.

    Making "Bone Sauce"

    A traditional technique for keeping deer off of fruit trees.